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ChewedKandi is the moniker of Freelance Illustrator Sharon Milne. She lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the United Kingdom and is obsessed in the scalable medium of vector.

She is the Author/Curator of Adobe Press/Peachpit book, Adobe Master Class: Illustrator. Published on 27th December 2012, it features 30 skilled Adobe Illustrator artists as well as over 10 tutorials on their workflow.

She is the Associate Editor as well as regular writer for one of the largest vector websites on the web, VectorTuts+ and creates artwork for commercial and private clients. Previous clients include: Adobe, and Smashing Magazine

In her spare time, she is found listening to embarrassing music and singing to her two cats, Sameria and Harley Quinn and her dog Shelley. She also volunteers over on deviantART.

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